Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Fika In L O V E? well that's not for L O L!

I don't care how worst was your past life..
I just care about the future not the past
I don't give a damn on any bad things people will say about you..
I just care about the real you which I'll discover and value it on my own! I love to explore!
I don't care if you don't have money for a for me money isn't everything!
I just care about the time and love that we share together
I don't care how crazy you high you are..
I just care about you being the real you..your true colours..
I don't care about the distances between us and our peak hours on working
I just care about just a little time to think about each other
I don't care how much the 'I Love You' words come from your mouth
I just care about your love for me in your heart not just on your mouth

Paste from my blog in Myspace.
wrote on 20th June 2009
Dedicated to: my LOVE Nazurudeen Mohamad Shah Holland

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